A MAZE. Award 2016

5th International Independent Videogames Festival – April 20–23, 2016

Boat for Two

by SFonic (Germany)

Genre: poetry game

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Boat for Two – a digital poetry game by @SFonic & Company

Love is rarely a bed of roses. It oftentimes throws us into stormy weather only to surprise us with the most stunning rainbow afterwards. In the Boat for Two you will take up the reins, floating through its beauties and hardships. Withstand the whirlpools, underwater currents, and icebergs, all the while reading poems. Alluring metaphors will bewilder and accompany you in the journey through the unknown. The game is designed as a playful poetic experience for touchscreen devices. The mechanics is based on creating waves, which push the leaf down the river. Two players are encouraged to cooperate and negotiate their common journey through the unknown lands. The scenery, music, ambient sounds, and poetry change in accordance with the stage of the metaphorical relationship. By implementing the poems the team wants to demonstrate the capacity of digital interactive worlds to intertwine with different forms of art, such as literature. The game is awaiting its last completion phases. Its trailer and gameplay videos are available on the website: www.boatfortwo.de.

Fog Lake

In the shadow of the riverbank's trees The water makes a wind chime Of itself. Like mountain crystals We swim, like icecubes

On water brought to motion By the wind. They clang together In high pitches, they clink Like tiny flutes. Us, in the wind, Dreamily I listen.

Platform: iPad