A MAZE. Award 2016

5th International Independent Videogames Festival – April 20–23, 2016

Dig Pig - The Answer to One of the Most Burning Questions!

Dig Pig Trailer (Game Promo)

by Michael Diener - Software e.K. and Johan Reisang (Deutschland)

Genre: Arcade & Story

Have you ever wondered what happens when an ordinary pig attempts to enter the realms of online dating? Well, I'm glad you asked! I, a slightly deranged programmer, and my broke artist friend, have the answer for you! May I introduce "Dig Pig", a game that will leave you with that fulfilling feeling of an epiphany: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dig_pig

Pig's marvelous adventures around the world will reveal all the secrets of online dating, as well as where Jesus has been all this time (and whether he is gluten intolerant). Brace yourselves for an encounter with God himself, and embark on an adventure to find the love of Pig's life. If this is not enough to keep you going, the thrilling gameplay will suck you in and leave you with supernatural powers! As a matter of fact, a recent scientific study showed that the game is slightly less addictive than crack cocaine and that at least 10% of people who played it turned into Hulk-like creatures. Side effects are uncommon, but include vomiting, mild heart explosions, and a sudden attraction to pigs.

"Dig Pig" is a challenging arcade game with a twisted story inspired by the world of online dating. We had a lots of fun working on it for over a year and created something truly unique - at least that’s what the voices in our heads tell us (Shut up!). It's not only the story and the gameplay, but also the integration of Google Maps (which helps you find the right place to emerge from the Earth and meet Pig's next date), that make “Dig Pig” something special. This indie game is free with advertisement and in-app-purchases. It is optimized for phones, tablets, and Android TV.

The game was made under the influence by developer Michael Diener (6+ years Android experience) and artist Johan Reisang (4+ years online dating experience) that met by chance in a butcher shop in Berlin discussing which parts of a pig taste best.

Platform: Android Phone, Android Tablet