A MAZE. Award 2016

5th International Independent Videogames Festival – April 20–23, 2016

Don't Go - The Purest of All Sounds

KnoR - Don't Go - Official Music Video

by A Fool's Boost (Switzerland)

Genre: Abstract Narrative Immersion

Welcome to your virtual hideaway. Let your mind wander in a generative VR experience for the Google Cardboard Viewer.

Together, computational artist Mativa and electronic musician KnoR are moving towards the future of media and transform the audiovisual piece “The Purest of All Sounds” into a virtual refuge.

As one of three story points of KnoR's transmedia storyworld "Don't Go", The Purest Of All Sounds puts the user into a permanently morphing space that examines what might be found in the space between signal and noise.

The generative application for Virtual Reality immerses the user in a world where the synchronous evolution of soundscapes and light allows his mind to wander in a deep and surprising experience of audiovisual perception.

There is a place between noise and signal.

Platform: iPhone