A MAZE. Award 2016

5th International Independent Videogames Festival – April 20–23, 2016

Lucid Trips - Whateverland

by VR Nerds / Lucid Trips (Germany)

Genre: VR Exploration

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Lucid Trips is a Virtual Reality project which takes place in planetary dreamworlds. Every planet will be an individual "trip" in the constantly expanding universe of dreams. All interaction and navigation like walking, jumping, climbing, swimming and flying is possible through our handwalking character controller. On the first Dreamplanet Whateverland it´s all about Art Exploration.
When you enter the planet on the first island it´s your "task" to learn this new and experimental way of navigating your avatar through virtual space. While evolving your locomotion skills you can explore the magically shaped surrounding. By the time you developed your ability to move around properly you can proceed to the next islands. On every Island you can explore a three-dimensional exhibit from different internationally well known artists by solving quests, based on the intention behind the artpiece. These are either 3D scanned or digitally designed and transfered to Whateverland. When the quest is solved you are free to order the piece as a 3D print.

Platform: Game ships with special hardware